Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tom Burr's New York Show Features Petria Dress.

Addict-Love Opening.

My friend Tom Burr (pictured here with Pier Paolo, a dealer and friend who had flown in from Italy) enjoyed a successful opening of "Addict-Love" at The Sculpture Center. "It's so chic," I said upon viewing his installations. Speaking of chic, I had found the Chanel dress for "Chicks," as shown draped across a railing. Rough night. It is a voluminous, 1970s piece with a ruffle collar and cuffs.

Tom's partner Bill, pictured with Michelle Childs of Norfolk, CT, had asked me if I was concerned that my dress would not be worn by someone. No. I am elated that it has been elevated to the status of Art. Another friend chimed in that it was already Art. In any case, I learned a few short days after the opening that the posh piece was purchased by the Kraus's, "important" New York based collectors.

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