Sunday, February 3, 2008

Another 7th Street Vision: Rainbow Woman.

Back on the old street, I saw this rainbow woman. I'd spotted her in the neighborhood before, but not when I wanted to take a picture.

On this day, I was sipping a really good cortado at abraco which is supposed to be lowercased and has a cedilla on the c. Anyway, this lady walked into my view and nearly out of it before I could whip out the camera and click on the fleeting image.

I recall, from past and closer sightings, that she has very long and curled toenails polished in at least one bright color (electric blue comes to mind). She doesn't seem to notice others, but clearly, others notice her. That is the point, isn't it? Or is this presentation solely about the necessity of self expression? This ensemble takes tie-dye to a whole new level; not unlike the swathed artist, I'd say that there's definitely a story under these bright, happy, clown-like colors. The word menacing comes to mind. Yup. The colors actually menace me at this point. Then again, in a city where the color spectrum often consists of shades of black, one could argue (maybe even successfully) that she' do I say? Intriguing.

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Alexander said...

Her Name is Meow, she works at Love Saves The Day on 2nd Avenue. Before that she was a Ricky's and way back, she was at the Sock Man. She's been around forever, and yes, she dresses like that each and every day. She's amazing.