Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year from The Berkshires and Petria.  I snapped this photo for the Berkshire Record Holiday Gift Guide.

In Defense of THOSE Pants

It has become an established pattern that, like more than a few precocious women who live and breathe clothes, I find myself wearing a new or revised trend that hits the mainstream one to two years later. We have felt copied for a lifetime. Sometimes it is flattering. Sometimes not. It forces us to struggle, repeatedly, to seek out uncharted sartorial territory. In reality, everyone seems to be emulating someone. For an entire year, I wrote a blog to document my on-the-cusp style ( On it, in mid-2006, I am wearing a pair of vintage 1980s Issey Miyake thick, silk, drop seat pants, along with a brocade Prada tank and a pair of Pierre Hardy calfskin boots (photo reprinted here).