Sunday, September 6, 2009

Club Monaco and DKNY visit PB.

I received a Sunday visit today from a few fashion designers.  With laser eyes, they turn the seams, try the latches on handbags, inspect all construction very carefully and, when in a group, mumble. I imagine that they are thinking about mass manufacturing.  

Today, that sartorial set included Jane Ibarra (photo, right) from Club Monaco.

There was also a DKNY designer trying to take pictures with his phone. Why buy when you can take the idea? 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Virginia Smith and Victor Glemaud Visit Petria Boutiq

Virginia Smith, Editor at Vogue (New York), visited PB with designer Victor Glemaud.  Victor was dressed in country chic, but see him wearing his game suit.  

Alison Hyde in The New York Times

Petria Boutiq client and Ralph Lauren designer Alison Hyde (number 12), has been photographed by Bill Cunningham. Congrats.