Monday, February 22, 2010

Faith Hochberg, Judge and Jeweler

Faith Hochberg has two business cards: one for her day job as a federal judge and the other for her handmade jewels. As you can imagine, we are connected. See a selection of Faith's jewels at A longtime second homeowner in Litchfield County, Faith custom creates her pieces from her imagination, and yours. She fuses  unused family treasures with new beading to make wearable art.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Devohn Walker 60 Seconds Video + Bill Cunningham Photo

Devohn Walker is one step closer to his dream that one day, everyone will know his name. I videotaped him in Brooklyn back in the fall. It seems that Bill Cunningham found him in Manhattan. Check out the Sunday Styles section for February 7, 2010 or look at the photo here. My video was posted to youtube a while back. You could have seen it there first!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

60 Seconds of Style Project, J. Crew

Vintage inspires J. Crew. For a couple of years, I have visited the company offices with treasures in tow. Elements of my picks have appeared in J. Crew stores. Example: punch out leather. I took a handbag with this design element, it was purchased, then turned up on a pair of ballet flats.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Cheryl Dunn + Michael Karbelnikoff

Wedding Fantastic in Norfolk, Connecticut

White is passe, plaid is in, black is so back, and remembering loved ones lost makes sense.

This wedding visually veered from traditional nuptials, resulting in its own (and I daresay truer) tradition. Savor these images from the bliss of Cheryl Dunn and Michael Karbelnikoff.

I am left dreaming: Maybe marriage is magical.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vanity Fair Letter to the Editor published November 2009.

The Art of Couture

AS AN ATTORNEY and writer who set aside her Columbia Law School education to dedicate the past five years of her life to being a purveyor of vintage clothes, I can attest to the everlasting allure of couture [“Toujours Couture,” by Amy Fine Collins, September]. I am an avid consumer of contemporary design—which owes nearly everything to vintage—but the pinnacle of my sartorial adventure came last January. Just before I dashed back into another frigid New England night after a house party, the host asked me what I do for a living. Upon hearing that I am a shopgirl, he descended to his basement and returned with a black garbage bag. From that rather unpromising blob of plastic emerged a cocoa-brown Christian Dior New Look ball gown from 1952. Christened “Esther” on her muslin tag and created for Mrs. John Wanamaker of Philadelphia, the masterpiece featured a finely boned corset, intricate beading, and a ballerina-inspired silhouette that must have been blessed by Monsieur Dior himself. It was the most beautiful dress I’d ever touched, I told its then owner, who offered it to me. Eventually, I sold Esther, my flower of all frocks. Today, she preens before me still, as my computer desktop image. —PETRIA MAY, Great Barrington, Massachusetts

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Club Monaco and DKNY visit PB.

I received a Sunday visit today from a few fashion designers.  With laser eyes, they turn the seams, try the latches on handbags, inspect all construction very carefully and, when in a group, mumble. I imagine that they are thinking about mass manufacturing.  

Today, that sartorial set included Jane Ibarra (photo, right) from Club Monaco.

There was also a DKNY designer trying to take pictures with his phone. Why buy when you can take the idea? 

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Virginia Smith and Victor Glemaud Visit Petria Boutiq

Virginia Smith, Editor at Vogue (New York), visited PB with designer Victor Glemaud.  Victor was dressed in country chic, but see him wearing his game suit.