Sunday, August 9, 2009

Boutiq News: NYT, Cheryl Dunn and Pat Fox, plus Issey Miyake

Two of Petria's style ladies have made a mark by appearing in The New York Times recently.  

Patricia Fox appeared in the style section's weekly photo essay--the feature was the opening of the new Highline (July 12, 2009).  I recognized her from the back, since she is wearing a vintage Kamali skirt from Petria.  

Cheryl Dunn directed a two-minute documentary about her friend Anna Sheffield, a jewelry designer.  The doc is featured online today for The Moment blog at (August 9, 2009).  Cheryl's web address is  I found a picture on her online wearing a PB dress.  

September 4 note:  Cheryl came in today and told me that Horacio Silva (The New York Times) "flipped" over the dress pictured.  Whose it it?! he wanted to know.  She then said two of my favorite words: "It's vintage!" You can't find it anywhere at any cost.