Sunday, April 20, 2008

Five Years as Society Writer.

Dear Amanda, fellow Yalie,

Congratulations on your five years as society columnist at The New York Sun. As you know, I had absolutely no idea that the 740 Park Avenue (building shown) party was being held at what has been called "the most famous address in New York City." In my heart, I'm still a midwestern girl; we don't always know these things. Thank you, dear Mr. and Mrs. Tisch for the party.

Oh, and you did wear the most fantastic shoes, as shown.

And there you were, just by chance, the very next day in Grand Central Station! Gotta love New York. And I do.

Avik, in the polo ensemble, also graduated from Yale.

P.S. Amanda said that the best part was that Mayor Bloomberg wrote a letter to her.

Alexandra Kotur, Vanity Fair Best Dressed.

Alexandra Kotur is a top editor at Vogue magazine and she's wearing a Petria Boutiq dress in the magazine's October 2007 issue of Vanity Fair!

Alexandra is a Vanity Fair international best dressed choice for the second year. She found this rare piece at Petria Boutiq. Happily, the clothing I sell leads exciting lives once leaving my shop.