Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Patrick McBride's Invisible Tattoo

Here is Patrick McBride. I wrote a style profile of him for the January/February issue of Berkshire Living magazine. I promised to tell readers about Patrick's invisible tattoo.

I have an invisible tattoo, too. Actually, I ave no tattoo at all. Is that the same thing?

To take a photograph of Patrick's tattoo is not to know it at all (indeed, you would hardly see it under normal lighting).  It's complicated, unless you happen to be a lighting genius.  The circles-and-dots ttoo is visible only under black light.  "I felt I could have it on my body for the rest of my life," he says.  

I understand.  I, too, could wear an invisible tattoo for the rest of my life!  Now you don't see it and... now you don't!  

So, the ttoo is composed of a special ink from Japan "and they don't sell it in America," according to Patrick.  He found the inside scoop this way:  he saw a guy on the street with the tattoo [Patrick is clearly more attuned to all things lighting-related] and asked him where he got it.  "He told me about the tattoo artist.  And that's the whole truth."  

Given that it glows only under special lighting, Patrick's ttoo is the ultimate stamp of authenticity, for a man who knows the light.  

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