Tuesday, January 13, 2009

My Alternate Facebook Reality (And Yours, Too)

Making friends on Facebook is risky business.

Those of us who use the Internet as an extension of our fingertips are well aware that Facebook is a brilliant networking site. Still, folks born solidly between the television revolution and The Computer Age continue to view Internet networking (and dating, too) with more than a little suspicion. ... FULL PIECE UPON REQUEST. 

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the fight to fabulous said...

wonderful post! I must say that I do not accept requests from those I do not know. Not only because we are not acquainted (and why would someone who doesn't know me want to wade through my vacation pics, eh?) but also because these folks inevitably never exchange a word with you!

I have both left requests unaccepted and deleted and, as you alluded to, the latter was because of the termination of a 'real life' connection.

I've always thought how frightening our world has become, where we no longer share our thoughts with pen and paper and ridding ourselves of someone can now be facilitated with a delete key (once that's done, a message has CERTAINLY been sent). *sigh* the digital age, yes, has given us much; but it has also robbed us of true contact, instead replaced by imitation closeness, fed by cowardice.

Way too deep and long for a comment, but the post got me thinking!