Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chance Meeting of Monsieur Mizrahi.

October 2007

While at a cafe in Greenwich Village, I met Isaac Mizrahi. He sat in a corner with his friend (who strongly resembled Suzy Menkes). Ever curious, he wanted to know the origin of my hat and whether it is for sale, since I own a boutique (eventually, but my price is steep for this French beauty). IM was kind and employed his accessories to maximum effect. Here's a memory of the moment.

IM is the man who had the plan to intermix high and low fashion, making it mainstream. Sure, it sounds "normal" now with the advent of H&M, Zara and company. But let us document that the idea, for it's time, was quite arguably revolutionary. Thank you for that, Monsieur Miz: you put the chez in Target.

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