Monday, November 12, 2007

Before Project Runway: Ms. Elsa Klensch.

On November 7, I met Ms. Elsa Klensch, former CNN telestylist. Lately, I have been pleasantly surprised to meet gentle giants (rather than the occasional crazy mouse). Lucky me. Ms. Klensch, a supporter of the New York City Opera, donated goodies to its benefit shop where this reception was held in honor of Take Two, her latest murder mystery.

The svelte dame in red eyeglasses won't mind if I tell you that she is 85 years old. She volunteered her secret: two scotches a day. When I suggested that she set aside her glass of wine for a photo, she protested. "Why?" Of course, I did not persist. May we all live long enough to drink white wine at 85. Her pin is Victorian.


hugogalllego said...

//amazing necklace.. i love it..laugh..//



Elizabeth M. Johnson said...

Where did she get that necklace? I want one too.